The Future

We say ‘let go’ and let it (whatever it is) run by itself. It’s all about the initial articulation. That’s the power of The Future, leading the participant toward an exacting articulation of vision, building that articulation through questions, until it is strong enough to work with internal motivation: ‘Just let go.’

We are taking the ‘go with the flow’ principle of Daoism (there is no ‘future‘), and merging it with pointed Socratic questioning (which works towards an end goal, but without the weak consumerist clinging to a final product).

I am convinced that the best new ideas come from an intuitive merging of ‘good ideas’ from very different contexts.

The easiest two contexts are east and west. Steve Jobs injected capitalism with eastern wisdom – others try but care too much about the final result. You need to be a maverick, an outsider, to make the intuitive connections unhampered by conventions.  

Everything is a concept (Kantian), everything is part of a discourse, and once that is an accepted truth, those conventional/convenient concepts are there to be played with. Never more than play. That’s where those Silicon Valley knobs went wrong. They took play too literally and ended up slumping, overworked, on astroturf office floors. Slaves will never know how to play.

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