Building Virgil (You’re Invited)

Through December, the team from bttlSkwl (Mark + me + my brother Ezra) will build a Virgil prototype.

Here’s our plan…

Virgil Version One will be a viral website that collects data to figure out what people want to learn.

From designing a face for Virgil to coming up with things for Virgil to do/say, we’ll need lots of help. We invite anyone to be part of our little team as we realize this crazy ambition.

Viral Virgil will launch January 8th.

From there, we’ll probably create a Kickstarter to get out the word or we may just reach out directly to students and educators, then hit up the Y-Combinator for Silicon Valley acceleration. We may also want to abandon the whole idea because we decide robots aren’t really great learning tools.

Whatever the outcome, I’m pretty sure we’ll learn something from the experience. It’ll also be a good way to start collaborating with smart folks in various disciplines (I’ll probably create some kind of site with links to collaborators’ respective work, so we can pull in future projects).

To collaborate, add a comment here or email me.

Fit via vi – “Force makes the road,” a line from Virgil’s Aeneid.

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