How We Win


1) The Most Accessible, Most Secure Code

Students should be able to easily play with their data, but their data should also be super safe from unwanted others.

How do we do this? A modern, well thought and intuitive API. Tight authentication procedures. Smart developers on our team.

2) A “Student-First” User Interface

The user interface must be responsive and open for all students to use. The interface should also be inspiring. Student-First / Beauty-First.

How do we create a “student-first” interface? Many usability studies. Many A/B tests. Iterate. Iterate. Iterate. And allow inspired ideas to take hold. Genius, from an inspired whim.

3) The Most Creative and Useful Data Tools

Current Student Information Systems are no different than Salesforce CRMs. But students are not customers. Educators should be able to use data to build creative opportunities for students. Students should be able to access their school data as easily as they access their Facebook data. Data visualization should be fun and meaningful.

How do we create useful and creative data tools? Never forget, even selfies can teach us something. Work with brilliant data visualizers. Collaborate. Constantly invent. And keep data accessible. (My Managerial Poetic Conceit: OpenArrows = OpeNarrows.) Students should be able to create data tools and share them with other students all over the world.

4) The Best Run Organization with The Best Support Team

Technology evolves. We must have an unmatched support team to handle any question–from students as well as educators. We also must have an unmatched organizational structure to fuel and manage unmatched organizational potential.

How do we create the best organization with the best support team? Hire smart people who are motivated to continually strive towards better. Keep employees happy. Respect Human “Duende” (creative spirit force that makes every person unique, every creation interesting).

5) Constantly Reinvent

First Plato. Then Aristotle. Then a history of great pedagogical thinkers. Then us. Our tools of pedagogy will be developed on the genius of others. Let us remain open to adapt and embrace tomorrow’s lessons.

How do we remain open? Do as the icons of pedagogy have done. We will invent a bright and sturdy future from the innovations in education that have come before.

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